One of the most common questions I am asked is “What is a visionary?”

I consider myself a visionary because I see energy. This is a natural gift I was born with that was encouraged and developed through my connection with my grandfather, who I consider to be a Medical Intuitive. 

I am committed to assisting people enrich their lives through the discovery and creative uses of energy. There is energy all around us… and we too are energy!

How can energy work assist in my path to better health?

Everything is matter and matter is made up of the vibration of energy. Our Physical body is dense matter compared to our Spiritual Self (which is teathered into the Physical Body). We are simply spiritual beings having a physical experience… with free will choice!

Given free will, it is important to learn that we are responsible for our own energy. When we begin to understand we are in charge of everything in our reality, we can create anything we want. Our thoughts, actions, and how we care for ourselves are powerful ways in which we co-create, with the Universe, our experiences.

How does it work?

Lisa connects to your energy during the session and uses her gifts to connect with spirit helping  you with whatever you need that day. Because her world is energy, nothing is good/bad/right/wrong…..it is just vibration.

Feel free to ask any question you may have – nothing is off limits!

How do I get started?

Simply schedule your appointment. You can also choose to schedule a phone connection to save yourself a trip in! (Reminder: energy knows no boundaries).